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Online school financial managment using Finmap

Mathema — is a math online school for students of 1-11 grades. We help improve math knowledge through individual lessons, where comprehensive schools couldn’t make it.

How to implement systematic cash flow management in business after almost 5 years on the market: the case of KLEI

“Scaling business growth does not need to be chaotic,” Nikita told us in a recent interview. And really, how do you plan for growth or entering new markets when you don’t know what’s going on with the money in the business at all? Is there a profit or is the company losing money?

How to keep track of finances in a small business: user case of Present Perfect Agency

Present Perfect Agency is a language services agency that helps businesses with translations, support, business documentation and everything related to languages.

Finmap raised $1.2 million from European and Ukrainian investors

Finmap, a cash flow management service for businesses, closed a new round of investments amounting to $1.2 million.

How to grow by 150% in one year, even during a pandemic, by setting up sound financial managment: the case of a building company

Intelligent System, Warsaw – Nikolaj’s consultancy company that helps entrepreneurs with strategic planning, creation of financial models, pricing, marketing and everything else a business needs to grow.

How to conduct systematic cash flow management if the company has several different areas of activity: the case of a business that combines offline and online

Is it possible to run several completely different lines of business at once within the same business? Why not? Entrepreneurs often are burning with new ideas and definitely want to implement them.

How to make cash flow management your competitive advantage: the case of a real estate company from Turkey

Company «AIRT» — Turkish Association of Independent Realtors, sells and rents property in Turkey.

How to set up financial management in the design business and turn it into a basis for management decisions: the case of an architectural design firm, Bogdanova Bureau

Bogdanova Bureau — architectural and interior solutions for private and commercial facilities.

How to set up cash flow management in order to separately view the profitability of each business area: construction business case

The “regrouping” method may work well in arithmetic classes at school, it won’t however hit the mark in cash flow management: the system would otherwise topple faster than Cinderella’s carriage turned into a pumpkin.

How to painlessly scale your business with cash flow management: user-case of an IT recruitment company

Most entrepreneurs agree that scaling a business is always a challenge, accompanied by the possibility of chaos and failure. Yet, the hero of our today’s case study, Andrei Alekseenko, the founder of Storypoint, does not agree at all

How to get your finances in order in turbulent times: the case of an IT company

Alex Shubin is the founder of Serious Development Agency IT company. Has 12 years of programming experience He started his cash flow management with Finmap 1,5 years ago
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