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Finmap is the online tool that eliminates chaos in finances and helps you make your business more profitable

*no need to link bank cards

*no need to link bank cards

Cash flow management often causes difficulties

You may have already faced some problems:

There is no system, just information kept on multiple spreadsheets, complex software, and random notebooks

You have the financial data, but it is not clear what you can do with it or how to analyze it

Contracts, installments, and debts keeping getting misplaced or lost

You are working harder, but because business finances are chaotic there is no increase in income

You are doing all the financial management yourself because there isn’t a suitable system employees can follow

There are frequent cash gaps and sometimes not enough money to pay the bills

By using Finmap, you will finally see the real financial state of your business and understand how to maximize profits. Eliminate confusing spreadsheets and put an end to disorganization in your cash flow management.

And get rid of the chaos and self-made spreadsheets for cash flow management

In addition, all your accounts are in one place, thanks to direct integrations

Information on all accounts

Alexandra, the owner of the YOLO coffee shop chain

I clearly see the specific income and expenses for all the bills. It's very convenient to consolidate everything. You can see everything in one picture, rather than having to manually review everything.

Ilya, CEO of the IT company Agile Code

We place high value on accessing everything from the bank accounts we use. This is very convenient as most transactions do not require manual entry and significantly reduces time spent on operational activities, since 90% of transactions are automatic.

No need to put everything together manually anymore. Most of the data is collected semi- or fully automatically

Integrations with 2800+ different services and banks

Control all incomes and record expenses by category, contractors, and counterparts


Maria, the owner of the Fashion Grace clothing production company

It's very important for me to see the entire flow of funds in real-time - who we paid, when, and how much. Additionally, I can easily find payments weeks or even months later. Everything is visible, nothing gets lost.

Mykita, co-owner of the digital agency Brand Builders

One of the decisive factors for us in choosing Finmap was the ability to see analytics. With the help of these analytical tools, we have been able to see our financial picture quite well, which is very convenient.

Easily analyze cash flow, profit and loss, projects, accounts, and debts, not in complex, hard to read reports, but in colorful charts


Prevent cash gaps and plan for a profitable future


Anatoliy, the owner of the construction company LLC BudInvest

Thanks to Finmap, I can see future payments and receipts and, of course, anticipate potential cash gaps.

Maria, the founder of the design studio Spaces

Any employee can log in and check on their project - how much money they should receive, which projects should be completed by now, and so on - and at the same time, I can clearly define the level of information each employee can access.

Provide access individually - choose which employees can see and edit certain information. The most flexible customisation on the market

Access levels

Generate beautiful invoices directly through Finmap


Anton, co-owner of the furniture manufacturing company WoodArt

It's convenient that both bills and invoices are all in one place. There is no need to connect a bunch of services and then consolidate everything.

Security and anonymity are guaranteed

We use 256-bit SSL encryption — the most advanced security standard, preferred by international corporations and banks.

The data is stored in several data centres in Europe, encrypted, and protected from external access. Only the user who created it can access it.

The service works in the cloud, no data is stored on your computer (you can't just copy or infect it with a virus)

No need to enter official company data (name, registration number, etc.)

The Finmap team does not have access to user data.

Developers work with the test database. No one can access your personal account unless you grant permission

There is also an API available for other software products to interact with Finmap.

Integrations with
2 800+
different services and banks
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*no need to link bank cards

Is Finmap right for you?

Definitely, for

Anyone who still uses self-made spreadsheets, paper sheets, or nothing at all
Advertising, marketing, and digital agencies
Construction companies and contractors
IT companies
Educational companies and schools
Engineering, design, and architectural bureaus
Logistics companies
Consulting services
Car service stations
Real estate agencies
Charity and volunteering organizations
In some cases, trade, e-commerce, and HoReCa
Craft and medium production
For entrepreneurs' personal funds

Maybe not, for

Finance professionals and those who already have professional financial statements
Those who use self-developed ERP configurations
Cross-company analysis
Warehouse management (SKU, movement of goods, batch accounting, piece accounting)
Large companies
Companies that have 3000+ operations per month
For tax reporting
Those who are looking for a silver bullet ;)

Do you still want to continue managing your finances on self-made Excel spreadsheets?


All data is in one place
Automatic calculations
Ready-to-use visual reports in charts and dashboards that are generated automatically
Integration with banks and payment systems
All data is stored in the protected cloud
Easily prevent cash gaps and generate financial forecasts for any period in advance
Easy access via browser and native iOS app


A bunch of spreadsheets that keep getting lost
Errors in calculations due to incorrect formulas which also constantly go wrong
Complexity of data analysis and limited reporting opportunities
Manual data entry
Low level of security
Too complicated to come up with a cash flow projection and requires special knowledge
Very difficult to use from a smartphone

Along with the desktop version, you can also use the modern, beautiful, and convenient iOS app

Cash flow management right in your smartphone
Intuitive interface
A few clicks and you've recorded your incomes and expenses
All data is instantly available in Finmap on other devices and in the browser
15+ mln

Transactions processed with Finmap


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*no need to link bank cards

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The founders of Finmap have combined their experience and expertise to improve the financial culture and help entrepreneurs develop their business in a new way


Serial entrepreneur, speaker of Unit School of Business, LABA

Business models, strategy, team building


IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of BusinessLab and Pix.backpack

Cash flow management, business processes, financial models


Co-founder of Monobank, Smartass, Checkbox

Mass IT products, marketing, strategy


Serial entrepreneur, speaker of Unit School of Business, LABA

Business models, strategy, team building


IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of BusinessLab and Pix.backpack

Cash flow management, business processes, financial models


Co-founder of Monobank, Smartass, Checkbox

Mass IT products, marketing, strategy

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